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The Summer season is here! Time for an RV road trip to your next family gathering or your bucket list destination! Worry less about the potential disorganization and clutter, and instead, sit back and relax! We’ve gathered helpful hacks to keep your RV organized and stay cozy this summer season!   

Before you begin… 

There is no better way to start organizing your RV than to take stock of everything you have. This can be a daunting task but, trust us, this will help you in the long run!  

Do you have 9 cups and 30 plates? Toss them! It’s time to purge the useless items (yes, you’ll live without five Six Flags cups if you only need two)  and make room for items you may need such as kitchen spices, pots and pans, and your trusted toilet paper stash!  

After designating a place for everything, it’s time to install some space-saving tools so your RV can stay organized all year long!  

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Photo Credit: Target.com. Retail Price: $12.99


Ditch the bulky trash can and opt for this over-the-door one instead. Trash cans can take up so much floor space (a limited commodity already), and choosing a smaller option will create more
open space, which is a plus!


If you’re an avid fruit eater then this hanging fruit basket is a must! Use this hanging basket to generate more counter space and satisfy your afternoon sweet tooth!

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Photo Credit: Amazon.com. Retail Price: $19.99
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Photo Credit: Ebay.com. Retail price: $56.99


Don’t settle for a traditional dish rack that takes up waaaay too much counter space. Use this over-the-sink dish rack that doubles as a shelf or an option to dry your clean dishes.  


Tupperware…one of the best and worst products for your kitchen. Too much Tupperware can easily become disorganized and before you know it, you’ve misplaced lids and now you have more Tupperware just taking up space. Get rid of the Tupperware and switch to these airtight food containers!  

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Photo Credit: Amazon.com. Retail Price: $35.99

Enjoy your RV summer adventure and let us know in the comments below where you traveled to! Need a place to park your RV in the off-season? Click here to find an Easy Stop Storage location near you that offers covered parking!  

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